WalkSafe Art Contest

The WalkSafe Art Contest encourages young people to think creatively about how redesigning our streets can increase safety for people walking.

Previously known as the WalkSafe Poster Contest, our updated Art Contest opens up the contest to 3-dimensional craft projects as well.

We encourage all participants to express how the streets in their neighborhood or around their school could be redesigned for their safety and the safety of others walking. Feel free to take inspiration from WalkSafe At Home's Lesson 5, or from safe street designs shown online.

The Contest is open to both parents and teachers throughout Florida, as part of our WalkSafe Curriculum activities or our At Home Virtual Education module. Parents may submit a single craft project per child, while teachers at participating schools must choose a single craft project per grade level (K-1st, 2-3rd, 4-5th) to submit on behalf of their class.

All entries for must be submitted digitally (see below for how to submit).

All entries must be received by 2/1/.

Rules and requirements

Entry Requirements

All posters or craft projects need to meet the following criteria:

  • Project must reflect one or more of the following themes:
    • Safer crosswalks and/or school zones
    • Slowing down drivers
    • Safer street designs (no turn on red, pedestrian refuge islands, pedestrian scrambles)
    • Healthy activities
    • NOTE: Messages that pass judgement on the behavior of peers is discouraged, as are fearsome/punitive messages.


Eligibility for home submissions:

  • Parent and child completed the WalkSafe At Home: Virtual Education module
  • Child is between 5 and 10 years of age

Eligibility for students:

  • Student participated in the WalkSafe curriculum
  • Student is in K-5th grade

School Eligibility:

  • The WalkSafe Art Contest is open to all Florida schools that implement the WalkSafe Curriculum and submit a Curriculum Completion Form (CCF).
  • A CCF must be completed for your contest entries to be valid.

At the end of the submission period, WalkSafe will select one winner (per grade category) per county. These countywide winners will become the finalists to be entered into the Statewide Art Contest. One project will be selected from each of the grade categories to be the Statewide winners for the school year.

Projects will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Ability to encourage safe street design without victim blaming

Submitting projects

All projects must be photographed (craft projects) or scanned (posters) and submitted through our online entry form: