WalkSafe Poster Contest

The WalkSafe Poster Contest offers schools throughout Florida the opportunity to showcase the creative talents of their students, as an extension of our Day 3 poster contest activity.

Participating schools must collect all submitted posters and sort them by grade level (K-1st, 2-3rd, 4-5th). One poster from each of these three grade categories (a total of three posters) can be selected by the school, and sent to the WalkSafe Program office to be entered into the WalkSafe Poster Contest.

At the end of the submission period, WalkSafe will select one winner (per grade category) per county. These countywide winners will become the finalists to be entered into the Statewide Poster Contest. One poster will be selected from each of the grade categories to be the Statewide winners for the school year.

All submissions must be received before the last Friday of November.

Rules and requirements

Poster Requirements

All posters must meet the following criteria:

  • Poster themes should reflect one or more of the following themes:
    • Crosswalks and/or school zones
    • Street safety (e.g., Vision Zero)
    • Walking activites
    • Healthy activities
  • No clipart, stickers, glued or taped objects. Posters can be created using one or more of a variety of drawing tools (e.g., crayon, colored pencil, marker, paint, chalk, etc.)


Student Eligibility:

  • Student participated in the WalkSafe curriculum
  • Student is in K-5th grade

School Eligibility:

  • The WalkSafe Poster Contest is open to all Florida schools that implement the WalkSafe curriculum and submit a Curriculum Completion Form (CCF).
  • All submission steps must be completed to participate in the contest.

Posters will be judged at the County and State levels using the following criteria:

Submitting posters

1. Submit online entry form

Please submit posters through our online entry form:


All posters submitted online must be SCANNED copies of the original, not photographs. Photographs will not allow us to properly reproduce the student's artwork for their award certificate.

2. Mail in posters (optional)

Note: You must save the .PDF to print the interactive form fields.

After submitting your posters online, you may mail the originals to WalkSafe. Please tape our Poster Contest Entry Form to back of your selected poster(s).

If a printer is not available, please write the following on the back of the poster. Please make sure to print clearly to prevent errors in spelling when we generate your student's certificates.

  • Date of submission or creation
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s grade
  • School name
  • School location (county, city, or municipality)
  • Principal's name
  • Art teacher name
  • Art teacher email
  • Contact number

Remember - only THREE entries per school, one per grade category, will be accepted.

Please mail all entries to:

WalkSafe Poster Contest - KiDZ Neuroscience Center
Dominion Tower
1400 N.W. 10th Avenue
Locator code: (R-48)
Miami, Florida 33136